SONIA H is Chic, Elegant, Feminine and Timeless.

SONIA H is a London based contemporary ladies’ wear label dedicated to delivering high-quality and beautiful contemporary ladies’ wear without compromising on comfort. We believe that every woman is at her most beautiful when feeling comfortable and natural.

SONIA H aims at offering unique styles with great quality at an accessible price.

SONIA H’s core value is about quality, details, uniqueness and comfort. Particular care is given on every piece, along the whole creation and development process, to the sensation of wearing the piece. We strike for a perfect balance of aesthetic and pragmatic. Every piece is masterfully crafted with refined, unique fabrics and great attention to details.

SONIA H is for nowadays multi-faceted modern women who want to be chic, elegant, professional, sophisticated, laidback, and playful at different times and with different moods.

SONIA H’s women are confident, brave and curious. Age and trend are not their boundaries; style is their identity.


This conceptual collection features some very refined French lace and Guipure lace pieces, along with textured sequins, textured faux leather, and nice quality satin pieces; all delicate and exquisite.

The styles are sleek and feminine, with a romantic touch.

It is an experimental collection that tries to cover the needs or different aspects of the multi-faceted modern women. There are pieces for sophisticated look, Friday night party look, event look, casual and chic look; through such to help her expressing her personality and lifestyle.

This is a small and carefully selected collection.

Every piece is sensual to wear and to fall in love with.